Daily Signs of Hope for those who Suffer.

Daily Signs of Hope, has been running for about three weeks. I have read wonderful reports from people that have come here to check it out. They not only like the new title,  but the new format of concentrating on finding hope for the many people in our world who suffer from self doubt, anxiety, fear, depression, hopelessness, etc.

I know what you are going through. Many years ago I was fighting all those usual suspects. I found ways to conquer them, and I love sharing with you the ways I found them.

This blog will be used for giving you the tools to put on the armor to battle any foes that are tearing at you, or pulling you down like a magnate.

Starting with the next post, I will be giving you a series of articles that will concentrate on finding ways to survive in a not so friendly world.

I hope you will come back often.

I also want to tell you about my author site. You can check it out by going to the tabs at the top and clicking on “dougbolton.” It will take you directly to the site. There are books being given away free there. They are books with the author’s autograph and personal notes in them.

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Notice that it also says you will have free access to my eBook called, The Top 25 Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World. It has been accepted to be used in a local high school for their Human Relations classes.

It is full of ways to cope with the daily trials we face each day.

So…Free newsletter-Free eBook, and free books at the author site. So many goodies so little time. Better go there now!! 🙂


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Everything That Can go Wrong Probably Will


Chapter 2


What follows is Chapter two from Signs of Hope: Ways to Survive in an Unfriendly World.


Everything That Can go Wrong Probably Will


I sought the Lord, and he answered me;

 he delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4



Murphy must have been a sad soul. We all live by the laws he created for us. It seems that we blame everything that goes wrong on Murphy’s Law.

You’ve had those days. You get up in the morning and start out happy as a clam. (Not sure how happy that is.) You have some errands to do, and you begin to do them.

You run out of gas, or you have a flat tire. You forgot your grocery list. The item you thought was on sale wasn’t. There is an accident on the freeway, and you are stuck for hours.

Ever had those kinds of days? Let me tell you about mine! I had volunteered to help my son Greg out when he vacationed in Disneyland with my granddaughter Molly. I told him I would pick up his mail every day, put the garbage cans back on Tuesday, and feed Charlie the cat all week.

Everything went well Sunday through Tuesday. But on Wednesday, the worst thing happened. I lost the door key. I had it in my summer shorts when I went to shower. I took off the shorts, showered, and then put on a clean pair of shorts. I left the house and headed over to my son’s house.

Charlie was waiting for me, and already had started his purring sound to let me know he was glad to see me. I got the mail, walked up to the door and reached into my pocket to get the key. It wasn’t there. Charlie was looking up at me looking like, “Why are you taking so long to open the door?”

“Sorry Charlie,” I muttered, sounding like a tuna commercial. “I have to go back home and get the key.” He wasn’t very happy with me as I walked to my car. I felt badly.

I got home and looked everywhere for the key. It was nowhere in sight. I even dumped out the hamper where the dirty clothes were. Zilch! Notta! Ouch!

I remembered that we had a bunch of extra keys in the desk drawer that had no names on them. I dug all of them out and drove back to my son’s house. You guessed it: None of them worked!

I was desperate by this time. I thought that I might have to call a locksmith, or call my son and have him Fed Ex his keys to me.

I prayed for help from God and immediately thought of calling my wife Charlotte to see if she had any ideas. (This was my close encounter with God.) I probably sounded shook up when she answered the phone—maybe because my only words were, “Now what do I do?”

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’ve lost the key to the house, and the cat food is on the inside.”

Without hesitating, she suggested, “Go to the grocery store and buy another bag of cat food and feed Charlie outside. He’s an outside cat anyway. Greg can make a new key when he gets home.”

Charlie was really mad at me when I left the second time without feeding him. I returned with a tasty tuna and salmon meal (yum). He gobbled it up and was purring again when I left.

Of course, going to the grocery store was the obvious choice. (You realize, of course, that I actually knew it all along. I was just testing Charlotte.) The important thing was that the answer came after I had prayed for help. Charlotte was the messenger, but God answered the prayer.

God can answer prayers in many ways. It can be directly, or it can be through someone else. Charlotte was my answer to prayer. She knew the easy solution I needed, but I wasn’t able to think of.

Do you call on God to help you when you have a problem, or do you panic like I did? (God has a speed dial you know.) At least, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and turned to God for help. The calming feeling that came as soon as I finished praying was very reassuring.

It was in God’s hands, and I knew something good would happen. Charlie got fed, and I have a whole bag of cat food for future lockouts.

Don’t let obstacles stop you. Turn your problems over to God. Let Him figure out a solution. It may not come as fast as mine did, but He will work it out the way He knows is best for you.

Since I am on the subject of prayer, please don’t just call on God when there is a problem. Talk to God every day. He loves to hear from you.

I know it is hard to pray when you are at work. It is hard to pray while you are driving. But you know what? When you are driving might be the best time to pray. It is when you are likely to be tense and need a calming spirit. A guy is blowing his horn behind you. Pray seeking patience because you do not know what is going on in this man’s life. He may want to get home because his wife called and is ready to have their first baby. Wouldn’t you be honking?

Prayer should be done without ceasing. Pray each and every day. Use it to praise God. Use it to thank Him for your good health. Use it to pray for peace. Whatever is on your mind, God wants to hear from you. It should be like He is sitting in the room with you. Carry on a conversation with Him.


Do not be anxious about anything,

but in everything, by prayer and petition,

with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,

will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6–7


Further Adventures

Have you gone along in life thinking that everything is fine, only to have a day that makes you realize that the world is not always a rose garden? First of all, remember that we can’t look at everything through rose-colored glasses.

Second, when a bad day comes knocking at your door like it was your long-lost relative, make sure it understands that it can only stay for that day. Then boot it out at the end of the day by giving it over to God in prayer. You should never let your bad days stay longer than they should.


Something to Ponder

Isn’t it funny that we always have a direct line to God, but we sometimes think the connection is dead?

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The top 5 Ways to Handle Adversity

                 Top 5 Ways to Handle Extreme Pressure


Jay Kesler writes in Campus Life:


There are two ways of handling pressure. One is illustrated by a bathysphere, the miniature submarine used to explore the ocean in places so deep that the water pressure would crush a conventional submarine like aluminum can. Bathyspheres compensate with plate steel several inches thick, which keeps the water out but also makes them heavy and hard to maneuver. Inside they’re cramped.


When these craft descend to the ocean floor, however, they find they are not alone. When their lights are turned on and you look through the tiny, thick plate-glass windows, what do you see? Fish!!


These fish cope with extreme pressure in an entirely different way. They don’t build thick skins, they remain supple and free. They compensate for the outside pressure through equal and opposite pressure inside themselves.




The Top 5 Ways to Handle Extreme Pressure are:


1.     You don’t have to be thick skinned to handle pressure. You just need to accept things you can not control, and use your inner pressure (strength) to help you handle it.

2.     99.5% of the things we worry about never happen. Always think of this when something serious jumps up at you. It probably will never happen, and you will be fine.

3.     Take pressure on as a challenge. Yes, it is in the fast lane, and you have to be careful with the traffic (adversity), but win the race, and you will be that much stronger when you succeed.

4.     The inner strength you have can be combined with others that want to help you. Use them to help you handle the pressure, and you will find a new closeness develops.  You will win the battle against pressure at the same time.

5.     Always remember that there is the strength of God who is there and willing to be there for you any time you need Him to help you with pressure.


Think about these things and come up with your own list of ways you handle pressure. Go to my blog and share with others how you handle pressure. You have the knowledge of what things cause pressure in your life. Tell us how we too can defeat all the pressure we face.


Doug Bolton

Email: doug@dougbolton.com

Author site: www.dougbolton.com



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