Something Good can Come From Suffering

Something Good can Come out of all the Suffering that People Face


It seems hard to accept that suffering can sometimes be a blessing. Why would we think that suffering would be able to help us find something positive?


What follows is some of the toughest times in this world’s history, and yet something positive came out of it:


World War II brought unparalleled suffering and death to humankind. Experts estimate some fifty-five million people died, among them roughly six million Jew in concentration camps. Families and nations were shattered. Clearly this was a time of great, great evil.


But not all was evil. During the war, medical researchers intensified their efforts to fight disease and infection and as a result made great breakthroughs. Up until 1941, for example, doctors could not reverse the course of infection. “They could do little more than offer a consoling bedside manner as patients sank into oblivion,” writes Stevenson Swanson.


But the war caused England and America to search for a way to mass-produce penicillin, the original wonder drug. Although penicillin had been discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, for nearly a decade the medical community had done little with it. “It was dismissed as little more than an interesting microbiological phenomenon.”


But as the probability of war increased in the late 1930’s, all that changed. Research began in earnest in England for a way to mass-produce penicillin, which at that time could only be made in extremely small quantities.


In 1941, English researchers brought samples of penicillin to America, and a team of scientists began research into mass production in an agricultural lab in Peoria, Illinois. Within four months they found ways to increase the production of penicillin tenfold. The process was licensed to pharmaceutical companies, and production began in earnest.


“For all of 1943, only 28 pounds of penicillin was made. Two years later 14,000 pounds was made.”


The discovery of making penicillin in mass led to a rush to make other antibiotics. The next antibiotic helped cure tuberculosis. One antibiotic led to another until in the mid-1990s, well over one hundred antibiotics were available.


“Probably more than any other discovery in the history of medicine, the discovery of antibiotics has done the most to improve the lives of humans,” said Dr. Gary Noskin, an infectious-disease specialist and professor of medicine at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago.


It is sad that millions of people had to suffer and die, but out of that horrible war, came the drugs that have saved even more millions of people since then. It will also go on saving lives. Dr. Russell Maulitz, a medical historian and professor at the Medical College of Philadelphia and Hahnemann University Says, “War is the perverse handmaiden of medical progress.”


We should never forget!!! I am talking about the atrocities of the Holocaust and the death of many millions of people during World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, 9-11, and Iraq,  but we also should never forget the good that happened, which in turn saved millions of lives for the rest of history.


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Doug Bolton


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The Top Five Ways to Stop Letting Negatives Develop

1.     Create a positive environment.


·        Have positive images around you through books that make you feel good.

·        Get a pet that loves you warts and all.

·        Play music you like during the day. (Loud!)


2.     Have selective hearing.


·        Never listen to others that say you can’t do something, or that you are a failure.

·        Turn off your hearing to people who think that everything will go wrong.

·        Never listen to people who gossip.

·        Listen to someone else that needs cheering up.


3.     Write a journal to release your feelings.


·        Write down the positives each day to cheer you up.

·        Write down the negatives to put them away for ever.

·        Decide what caused the positives and negatives.

·        Expand on the positives, and eliminate the negatives.

     (Could be a song here!)


4.     Plan your day around positive events.


·        Go to a movie that has a good theme or one where the bad guy gets it in the end.

·        Take your children to the park. If you don’t have any children take your nephews or nieces. If you don’t have any nephews or nieces, go back and get that pet I was telling you to get, and take him to the park. Find something!!!

·        Go on a day hike with a friend. Smell the roses. Look at the birds. Watch an ant cross the trail. Get very basic with nature.

·        Go on a jog or a fast walk. This is the one area that works the best for me. A fast walk helps me relieve stress, and I have all kinds of time to think while I am walking to help push out all the garbage. My mind is free by the end of the walk.


5.     Call a friend that you haven’t talked to in a long time.


·        Share your positive happenings with him. Share what went right today. Let him know that you feel good about yourself because of these events.

·        You might as well unload on him with your negative thoughts too. Go as far as you can to share your inner feelings. The longer he listens the better you feel. Don’t overwhelm him, but use this time to clear out your negative closet.

·        After you have done all of this. Let them know how important they are to you, and how much you appreciate them listening. Offer to be their sounding board anytime they want it. This will make them feel good, and want to help you more another time.


Negatives should only develop in a dark room for a photographer. Turn the light out on the bad things and light up your life with the positives.


Doug Bolton, Freelance Writer, Author: Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind: Through Bumper Stickers


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10 Ways to Turn That Frown Upside Down.


From 1986 to 1990 Frank Reed was held hostage in a Lebanon cell. For months at a time Reed was blindfolded, living in complete darkness, or chained to a wall and kept in absolute silence. On one occasion, he was moved to another room, and, although blindfolded, he could sense others in the room. Yet it was three weeks before he dared peek out to discover he was chained next to Terry Anderson and Tom Sutherland.


Although he was beaten, made ill, and tormented, Reed felt most the lack of anyone caring. He said in an interview with Time, “Nothing I did mattered to anyone. I began to realize how withering it is to exist with not a single expression of caring around me. I learned one overriding fact: caring is a powerful force. If no one cares you are truly alone.”


Have you felt this way? Do you wonder if anyone cares? What follows are a few suggestions to let you know that doing things positive will help you see that others care and most importantly that you care for yourself.


Top 10 Ways to chase the blues away:



1.     Get out and visit more of your friends and social contacts. Just being with someone, even if it is a stranger you just met, helps you to feel better. They may sense that you are feeling down, and will find ways to cheer you up. Friends never let friends stay sad.


2.     List what you appreciate. Write down all the things you are grateful for. It may seem childish to do this, but this has been proven to be the most productive thing you can do to feel better. I am grateful for spring when the flowers start blooming. I am grateful my grandchildren. I am grateful for having a full tank of gas! I am grateful that you are reading this post!


3.     Think of all the good things that happened today. It can be little things like having green lights all the way to work. A special email from a friend. Talking to a neighbor at the mail box. Finding a gas station with the lowest gas prices. (If you do find one let me know where it is!!!) Write the good things down, and keep doing this everyday. You will be amazed how many more good things happen than bad things. It seems that we always dwell on the bad things because they hurt us and stand out more. Time to turn that around!


4.     Decide what is more important in your life, material things or things that give you lasting memories. A special trip is in your memories forever. A car or boat runs down after a while, but memories last forever. Go somewhere that you have never been before. Be adventurous. Aloha!!


5.     Do you own a favorite DVD, or TV show that is funny? Watch it as many times as you are able to over the weekend. Have a marathon! You can’t help but laugh and cheer up when you see funny scenes on the screen. Animal House is always a good stand-by. How about the Police Academy series?


6.     Think of a place where you always feel calm. I feel calm and relaxed when I am at the beach. Oregon has some beautiful coast lines, and the sound of the waves, plus the scenery along the beach are hard to pass up. Just sit on a big rock and listen. Be careful for those seagulls though. They can put a frown back on your face!


7.     Do you always see the glass half empty? Do a flip-flop and think of it as half full. Don’t be pessimistic all the time. Always think good things will happen. Instead of thinking you will lose the race, think that you will finish the race. Instead of worrying about what you boss thinks about you, realize that it’s Friday! Instead of worrying about making friends be a friend.


8.     Do you have a knack for writing poems or short stories? Have at it!! Writing is great therapy especially in a journal. I leave all my hurts and negative thoughts in my journal. Later I can see how I may have felt that way. You can see your growth as you write too. Writing down thoughts can be a big factor in dumping sad feelings.


9.     Go help someone else that is unhappy. This works every time! You can’t feel sad after you have helped someone else to feel good. It is very contagious. Go to that neighbor that thinks they don’t have anyone that cares for them. Call that friend that recently lost their spouse. Hug a child that feels sad that day.


10.          Do something special. Go out to lunch with a friend. Ride a bike. Play croquet in the back yard with your children. Just sit and listen to the birds on your patio. I did that once, and the feeling was incredible!! Birds have such a soothing sound and a very beautiful sound by the way. Except for crows.


Use all these ideas to help you get back to the person you know you can be. You are a special person that only you can change. It is time to get rid of those negative thoughts, and replace them with thoughts that will lift you up each day. Start now!!!


Doug Bolton




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“The only negatives that should develop are in a dark room.”



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