What Does the Human Heart Crave?

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UPDATE!!  In the final stages of having the book finished. Much of it is already sent off to my editor. The countdown begins!!


The human heart craves…



…a Savior



…strength to cope

…a leader to follow

…shelter in the storm


…security for the day

…protection from evil

…joy in spite of turmoil


…provision for all needs

…power to fight the enemy

…recognition of achievement


…fulfillment for its emptiness

…to be loved, unconditionally

…safety from all that would harm


…soothing for the frustrations of life

…to be accepted, without reservation

…refreshment in those parched times


…courage to step out when fainthearted

…tenderness when the world is unlovely

…confidence and calm when fear attacks


…to be understood, without condemnation

…the right spouse, job, school, friendships

…comfort in times of stress, grief, and affliction


…a guidance counselor to find the designed path

…encouragement for those days filled with woes

…to be welcomed Home into the Everlasting Arms


…an intimate relationship with the Love of the universe!


And yes, there are times when the human heart is contrary and desires the wrong things, seeking in confusion. A right heart craves to beat in perfect harmony with the Heartbeat of the Beloved.


Crave the Love that is offered in that intimate relationship. Crave that oneness. Crave the Love that is above all others. Crave the Love that loves you beyond belief.


Don’t feel like it? I hear some souls sinking. But I don’t feel loved.


Perhaps you’ve been grieving over some loss in your life. Perhaps you’ve been wrongfully accused of something or hurt in some way. Perhaps you’re feeling very discouraged right now. Perhaps you have negative feelings about yourself or negative thoughts bombarding your mind.


Perhaps…well, whatever your perhaps may be, your heart is wounded. Your eyes spill over with stress-induced tears from a broken heart.


Well, I’m here to tell you that feelings change but the truth of God’s love does not. The truth is…God loves you with a love that can still any storm, win any battle, override any tension or discomfort, soothe any pain, comfort any hurt, calm any fear, encourage any heartache, and will always uphold you and share peace and joy with you.


You, the one He loves truly. You, the one for whom He died. You, the one to whom He yearns to be close. You, the Lord’s espoused, His intended, His precious companion for all eternity. You are His precious heart’s desire.


He rejoices over you with mirth and pleasure. He spins around in excitement over you with shouts of joy and songs of praise! (Zeph. 3:17)


This is the Love your heart is craving!


“We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. And as we live in God, our love grows more perfect.” (1 John 4:16-17a NLT)


No matter what circumstance is swirling around you, you are loved and you will be okay. If your life is falling apart right now, you’ll be okay. Even if all looks dark and dreary, you’ll be okay.


Let me encourage you… YOU. ARE. LOVED. Each. And. EVERY. Day. No matter what!


The only one you truly need to make you feel loved is the Lord. He will never leave you, nor abandon you. And that, my sweet friend, should fill your love tank to overflowing!


May your craving be filled with that special, tender fulfilling Love!


Blessings, Lynn




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If you Think you are perfect, Try Walking on Water

Satan’s Lie: You are a sinner because you sin. God’s truth: You are a saint. (One declared righteous by God) who sins.

That’s right…. Christians sin. The difference in a true sinner and a Christian who sins, is that the sinner doesn’t care or doesn’t want to ask for forgiveness for what he did wrong.

Remember as a Christian:

  • You are accepted… You are God’s Child. You are His friend. You are justified. You and the Lord are one. You are a member of His body. You are adopted. You have connection with God though the Holy Spirit.
  • You are a secure person… You are free from condemnation. You know that everything worked for good. You are never separated from God. I am a part of Heaven. I have help in time of need. Satan can’t touch me.
  • I am important… I am the salt of the earth. I am the light of the earth. I am a branch of the vine, I am appointed to bear fruit. I am a personal witness for Christ. I am the temple of God. I am seated with Christ. I am God’s special workmanship. I am confident through God. I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength.

Think of what God has done for you. Don’t think of what people think and say about you. Works get you nothing.

Satan wants us to think our behavior tells us what to believe about ourselves. God says, our belief about ourselves determines our behavior.

Yes, we are not perfect. You aren’t even close. You are tempted everyday, and often fail. Jesus was tempted many times and did not fail. He was the only perfect man on earth.

Stand strong in knowing that we are forgiven each time we fail. We are like prodigal children to God. We are welcomed back anytime we call out to Him. I know that from experience, and I hope you will to.

Turn all that guilt over to God, and start having confidence that you are now walking the right path, and will let your light shine to help others that need to come out of the pits of despair.

If you feel all is lost and you are reaching the end of your rope, you will find that you are holding the hem of God’s garment.

We find that sin is a deliberate separation from God. We choose to sin. It is human nature . We all have our one hidden sin we have difficulty giving up. We have to move that immovable stronghold within us to truly be close to God. His only son Jesus tells us, “Come to me!”  He is invincible, unquenchable, and never tires. He is waiting for us to give the key to our hearts and let Him in.

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A Love Letter from God

Our Guest blogger tonight is Price Futrell, a person I have come to known as a friend. He does not mean to be disrespectful or show irreverence to God by the format of his post. This is just a letter he imagined God had written to Him. Its message is to all of us. Please read it in the intent and love it was written

To All of You:

Hey, this is God. You know, I Am. I’ve been watching some of you have tremendous difficulties lately and the advice you’re getting is so way off base that I decided to send you this note. I hope you will pay attention because this is important.

First of all I got all of this started. Yes, it was Me behind all the creation stuff you’re reading about. No, of course you weren’t evolved from something else. Quit arguing about things that I didn’t say…besides you’re missing the point and causing all sorts of confusion. The main idea here is that I did it. There was a beginning and try as you might you’re never going to figure out how I created something from nothing. You’re not Me.

Second point is that I LOVE YOU. Yes, I know you’re all messed up. I made you that way. I gave you all these emotional, physical, mental and spiritual attributes so that you could relate to me knowing that you’d have trouble at times. So what? The main point here is that I LOVE YOU just as you are. Remember that I said, “It was Good.” I meant it.

I originally started out trying to have a one-on-one relationship with you and that didn’t work out so well. See, my other creation, Angels, have the same ability to make their own decisions as you do and some of them messed up big time. Even my best and most stunning Angel let pride get in the way and he caused nearly a third of all my angels to “get the boot.” Can you imagine being in My presence and still making a choice to defy Me? Free Will is a responsibility that very few can handle on their own. Anyway, you’ve read the story, Adam and Eve listened to this one Angel and they messed up and I had to remove them from my presence just like I did with the Angels. It was a tough decision but thankfully for you I had a plan.

Next thing I did was give you some rules and regulations because ya’ll were just acting a fool and needed some serious direction. I knew you couldn’t live up to my standards but you needed something to give you direction and besides I used the Law to direct you toward my biggest surprise which was to come…My Son.

Yes, Jesus is my son. He is my only son. I sent Him to reconcile you back to me since you obviously couldn’t do it on your own. I know some of you have a hard time with the virgin birth but if I could create your whole universe from nothing I really don’t see why you can’t just accept it. Anyway, you didn’t kill Him….l did. It was my idea. He did it willingly because He loves you too!! We’re the same He and I. When He died He released you from having to live up to all the rules and regulations of the Law. Now this is where it gets a little tricky so listen up. You are saved by Grace through Faith and you did absolutely NOTHING to earn it. Get that? Do you really? Grace means you didn’t earn it.

You CAN’T EARN it !! I did it for you. All you have to do is believe and have Faith in my son, Jesus. And you can’t do that either unless I, through My Spirit allow it. It’s all about Me. I need nothing from anybody including you to be Me. You need Me. I designed it that way. I saw you messing up the whole deal so I stepped in and provided a way for you to be reconciled to me and I handled all the details so you COULDN’T mess it up. You should be glad.

Now that you are saved…and I mean saved as in you aren’t going to become un-saved. Nothing is going to separate you from me. Quit worrying about that. Like whom do you think would take something from me that I didn’t want taken? Exactly. Now that doesn’t mean you’re perfect and complete in case you haven’t noticed. I know some of you THINK you’ve got it together but I’m telling you that you don’t. You’re as messed up as anybody else. But, here again, I have a plan. I’m going to work on you and make you more like my Son. It’s called Sanctification in most of your translations of my Word. What it means in layman’s terms is that you are a work in progress and you will be until I get through with you.

See I know all about you. I know what you think. I see what you do when nobody else is looking. I hear you mumble things you wouldn’t want repeated. I know more than anybody else how messed up you are and guess what….I LOVE YOU ANYWAY!! Quit worrying about not being perfect. You’ll never get there. Why beat yourself up for not being able to do something that I created you NOT to be able to do? You’re fighting against Me.

What you need to do is FOCUS ON ME. The rules and regulations, the Law if you will, is no longer valid for you. Faith is the only thing that matters. Yeah, you need to do the good stuff and lay off the bad stuff but I’m going to help you do that if you’ll stay focused on me. I am giving you My Spirit to create a new Mind, Will and Emotion for you. Listen to Him. Allow Him to lead you and just do what I help you do. You won’t have to do anything at all by yourself. I’m always there for you. I parked myself in you for that very reason. Get it!!

Now some of you have gone back to trying to do it on your own. Why? Didn’t I just explain to you that you didn’t earn anything, that it was a free gift? Then why would you now go back to a bunch of rules and regulations to live by when all that is going to do is condemn you? There is no condemnation for those of you who live by faith in Jesus. Why would you choose condemnation over freedom? The whole shame and condemnation thing isn’t from Me. Remember that bad Angel I talked about earlier….it’s him. I allow it because I want you to see the difference between light and darkness but wake up and smell the coffee…I don’t condemn you, I LOVE YOU so quit trying to measure up when I created you not to be able to. It’s not and never will be about you doing all the right things. It’s about Me loving you more than you will ever deserve. Do I like it or condone it when you get off track?

Seriously, do you have to ask that question? Of course I don’t like it. But rather than beat yourself up because you didn’t measure up why don’t you just come to me and confess it and I’ll help you deal with it. By the way, the confession part is for you…I already know, right. You are going to be messing up your entire life. I know that. But, what I want to do is teach you through the process so that you can help somebody else. That brotherly love thing I talk about…I’m serious about it. Love each other like I love you. It’s easier to do than you think.

 So, here’s My point…….If anybody tells you anything different than this, just ignore them.

1. I Love YOU. You aren’t perfect, never will be. I knew that before I formed you in your mother’s womb. It was by design that you aren’t able to be perfect. I never intended you to be perfect. I intended for you to need me and my son Jesus. If you could do it on your own then Jesus died in vain. That didn’t happen.

2. There is NOTHING that can separate you from Me. I’m bigger than your sin. I want you with me so I’m going to help you get here. I live inside of you and will help you with everything that you ask.

3. Don’t feel ashamed and condemned. If you do, speak out against that in My Name. It isn’t from me.

4. Focus on ME not the rules and regulations. I am Life, the Law is death.

5. Love your neighbor like I love you. Be an Encourager. I like that.

6. Trust in me. I know what I’m doing. You don’t. Walk by Faith not by Sight.

7. Live your life with Joy and Excitement. I am YOUR God. I Am For YOU. I am greater than any challenge you will face. I have a plan for your life and I intend on seeing in through to completion. I open doors when you least expect it. I am a Good and Loving Spirit and I love you with all my heart. You do not have the capacity to even grasp all the wonderful things I have in store for you.

8. Read My Book. I’ll speak to you through it. It’s unique literature. It’s alive because it’s from Me.

9. Talk to Me. Anytime. I’m always available. Besides, I know what you want or need before you even ask but it’s good that YOU KNOW that you need Me. Actually I’d rather speak to you when you’re fully awake so don’t think you HAVE to get up at 5:30 in the morning. I didn’t make that rule.

10. Open your eyes to opportunities that I place in your path. Open your ears to the encouragement I’m giving you. Walk with anticipation and expectation that I AM.

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My Journey to the Cross – My Story

People have dealt with the issue of addictions since they were created. Addictions and acting out based on compulsions, has existed since Adam and Eve could not stop themselves from eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden. I personally believe that God’s banning of Adam and Eve from the Garden was done out of love not punishment. He knew how compulsive humans were, and that we could not resist the temptation to eat also of the tree of life. Giving us a never ending life of grieve and guilt. Even in the time of Christ, that God Himself walked with us, I have little doubt addictions were an issue for many. After all He did come to deliver us from ourselves and the sin that existed within. But I cannot imagine the addictions being as rampant and blatant as they are today.

Two thousand years have passed. But some things have not changed. Sin is still destroying lives on a daily, even hourly basis. And Jesus is still redeeming them … one at a time.

My story is more intriguing than some, and less so than others; it is more tragic than many, yet less tragic than a great many more. I have journeyed down the path of despair that makes suicide seem a very reasonable path to relief.

I volunteer and speak in recovery centers, working with those who share my disease. I know how we think and how we feel. I know how lonely we can be, even in a room full of people. The way we think and respond is a baffling one, even to trained professionals who might have considerable “book knowledge” regarding addiction. If you’re not “wired” like an addict, it can be hard, if not impossible, to figure us out. We’re a special breed and makeup. Our healing must come to us in a special way.

It’s the story of a modern-day prodigal son, through which, I hope others will see through the eyes of my journey a version of their own, and learn that while they may have felt desperately alone they have never been truly alone. God has been there walking with them, even carrying them at times.

Perhaps a few others will find something here that might stir something within them. Because, when all is said and done, we have a choice of what we listen for and what we dream and envision for ourselves.

Ultimately, we’re the same, you and I, and this is in a way, a story about each of us, about our brokenness, and our humanness. All of us have wounds. Wounds that need to be healed. Wounds that only God can heal.

At some point in our lives, many of us find ourselves lost.

For some, it’s a feeling of emptiness, or lack of purpose. For others, it’s a deep loneliness, and an overwhelming sense of separation, and of not belonging, even in a crowd. Some of us have been struck down by loss, and struggle every waking moment with depression and grief that relentlessly presses down on us and won’t let up. All of these feelings are very real, and indeed are part of the very fabric of what we call Life. But many of us find that we cannot face the pain. At least not alone and we should not have to.

Often, we can turn to addictions as a temporary escape. And the deeper we fall into this false reality, the more lost we become. Eventually we become completely convinced that we’re no good, that we’re not worth saving . . . no one could love us now. Not even God. So the cycle of addiction begins…

In recovery, we learn how to see ourselves as God sees us. We work to dispel the lies we have told ourselves that keep us in bondage to guilt, shame and fear. Once we’re past some of the deep toxicity that blinds our ability to see ourselves clearly, God can begin His healing work. The journey back from so many years of self-deception can be long and difficult, and we can rarely accomplish such a thing alone.

I’m not really sure how I became lost in the first place. And I’m even more confused about how I found my way out of the storm and ended up back where I started, at the foot of His cross, alive and breathing again. But somehow, somewhere along the way, the person I had always assumed myself to be was lost, left somewhere along the way, and I discovered inside my skin a stranger, bloodied and confused. From that moment on, I have had to re-learn my life—and perhaps even some purpose for it—one awkward day at a time. It’s not easy, accepting something as precious as Grace.

For a while I tried to go my own way . But I never dreamed I could travel so far away from God’s love, Grace and mercy. I knew it was killing me from the start, but it took a while for others to see it and even longer for me to admit it. It cost me everything, like my family and friends. It almost cost me my life. My dreams disappeared somewhere in the abyss.

Today, I’m thankful for the only thing God left me with, my life. He also left me with the only thing that could change me, me.

There were inherent consequences to the path that I chose for myself. The path I chose for myself over the last few years, prior to turning back to Christ stripped me of any vision for a future, much less any thought of standing in front of others one day, explaining how my life has changed. I was separated from the will of God. I became a liar, a manipulator, a sneak and just untrustworthy. I could talk the talk, but my walk was crippled. I had broken my own legs. I began to allow myself to believe that it was okay to live this life. I was full of shame before my family, friends, and others. I was humiliated. I lost my wife. I lost respect, honor, and trust from many people.

To put it simply, I lied and God came in right behind me and shed His light on my deceit. I was trapped in a world that I created for myself. I drowned the voice, power, and authority of God out of my life. No voice, no direction.

I had lost all hope of regaining what I had lost. Hope is one of the few things that humans just can’t live without. Knowing how dependent we are on hope God calls it the “anchor of the Soul.”

I now regret well, you probably do too, we have all experienced times when we wish we could erase the sins and failures impressed in our minds, by are inherent bad choices. Often, we find ourselves in difficult situations that escalate and spiral out of our control. No more so than when we think we are in control.

Years after the Apostle Paul became a child of God, he still regretted that he had persecuted Christians. (1 Tim. 1:12-15). He couldn’t undo the past, and he didn’t try. Instead he devoted himself to do God’s will and the Lord used him in a mighty way. Paul reminds me that past mistakes need not ruin our lives – even when we can’t do anything to undo them.

I realize that I can’t forget my past completely. The philosopher George Santayana wrote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. My journey back to faith has been a dangerous one. As with all long journeys, the scenery has at times been less than pretty. For some of us, a glance back over the last several years is not pleasant. We have done and said some things we regret. We might feel guilt and remorse about some choices we’ve made. Often we try to sweep our mistakes under the rug rather than deal with them directly and realistically.

However, God doesn’t let us get away with that. He knows that if we fail to deal properly with our sin, it will continue to have negative consequences throughout the remainder of our lives. God wants us to take individual ownership of our failures and pay personal attention to the details of repentance.

He wants me to dig deeper, and look harder, and stop pretending the healing is complete. Perhaps He longs for each of us to pause on the trails of our past, and listen for the messages hidden in our history. It’s how we unlock the mystery of our memories—taking a hard, long look at our lives, staring our wounds right in the eye, without blinking, until we find ourselves face to face with Him. We resist, of course, for as long as we’re willing to put up with the lingering pain. But eventually the Truth will just literally beat us down, if we’re willing. And we can’t keep our backs turned on God forever.

So I go back there, and look for the things God would have me never forget. The things I must never forget.

This is simply a story about remembering, and forgetting. It’s about how God wondrously merges both together into something that ultimately makes some sense of our lives.

I have to remember my past so that my perspectives are realistic and support the actions of my past. I have to look at my past to remember other’s attitudes and actions, the majority of the time, are justified by the actions of my past. People have a right to feel how they feel, because I did what I did.
I am thankful, at least in some degree, that I went through it. My past is what changed my future and brought me to a place where God wanted me to be. The purpose of God in all His dealings with sinners is not their condemnation and destruction, but rather their restoration and recovery. This is the sphere in which the Lord Jesus Christ excels—and He does that as much in the realm of addictions as in any other. Indeed, so great is His work of forgiveness, recovery, and restoration that the new thing He produces out of the wreckage of our sin after we have repented is sometimes better and sweeter than the original thing we so grievously spoiled

One of my problems was that I kept adjusting my life and my plans. The real problem was that I was the one in need of adjusting. God has never and will never adjust His plans for my life – He’s had the same plan for my life since the beginning. I slowly adjusted myself right out of His will and Purpose for my life. There are days when it is really impossible to see any good that stems from my past difficulties. Yet I know that in time and in God’s grace, I will comprehend His loving provision and His will in the aftermath of the situations.

Past circumstances are not as bad as they first seem. Life can be trying to say the least. We all face circumstances that overwhelm us —It is easy at times to lose sight of the fact that God has all knowledge and all wisdom and may lead us down paths that ultimately bring us great blessing. But it may not be without pain and struggle….

Most of us walk out before the miracle happens…..

My past has taught me and I’ve heard it said “You will never realize that Jesus is all you need until you realize He is all you have”

God has given me a chance not only to find myself, as the prodigal son did, but to restore a relationship I walked away from a long time ago. A relationship with Christ. I’m proof that there is an endless space between having the knowledge of Christ and the application of that knowledge. Knowledge has never been a problem for me, but the application stopped me most of my life from achieving what God has for me. It still stops me at times today. Don’t let it stop you. 

“We all mess up” is what I fed myself, and I can always ask for forgiveness, until forgiveness didn’t seem important, and it became, “I am going to live my life.” God showed me how in need of Him I was, I am, and I ALWAYS will be. My response was reluctant but needy. He had me right where He wanted me, at the end of myself. I was completely lost and had nowhere to go. It felt like no one understood. I was in a matrix and He was the only one that could guide me out. So I slowly, but surely, ran to His grace.

By virtue of the Cross, our past destructiveness has been forgiven and forgotten; God has already forgiven us. Now, the challenge is to forgive ourselves. Today I look at life with a perspective, an attitude, a frame of mind that sees life, not as something to be endured or survived but lived.

Nowhere is the grace that “forgives the messers and unmesses the mess” more clearly seen than in the history of David. His story is given on the pages of Scripture not so much to show a king who sordidly sinned but a God who wondrously forgave and restored

So here I am now with some time in recovery, refereeing a daily battle between the still-struggling part of me that constantly craves attention, and another part that desperately dreads drawing any more notice to myself. A certain part of me has always fully expected to be somebody, somebody important. And yet, I’m often desperately lonely and full of fear, constantly seeking approval, hopelessly hoping that someone might find something within me worth loving. It’s a vicious cycle, this all-or-nothing, warp-speed or dead-stop, top-of-the-heap or bottom-of-the-barrel kind of living. So these days, I’ve had to learn to reach out for help, and tell a others the truth about myself, at least as much truth as I’m able to understand. When I do, I find that I’m able to stay marginally sane.

What an encouragement to any man today that is walking a difficult path because of the consequences of his past wrongdoing! Such a man may have even greater cause for confidence in the God of grace than David, because he can see that Jesus died for him and that His blood is sufficient to cleanse every stain and remove completely the element of guilt over what has happened. There need be therefore no further self-recrimination, no sense that God is taking a stick to him, but rather that God is on the side of the contrite one, making something new and beautiful out of the confusion he has caused. As He did with David, God is using the intervening trials and disciplines as a means to hasten him on the path of sainthood and submission to Himself. I have been blessed and benefited by obeying God in that – I AM FREE! I am no longer held captive to self. God has shown me the freedom that I am able to walk in. I knew that once I was saved, I should have been walking in that freedom, but I allowed lies to penetrate my heart. I can now say that I am tempted like a normal guy I have a desire to follow Christ and daily grow to be more like Him. I have a hunger that leads me daily to seek God and His will for my life. I can be transparent. I still have some confessions to make for clear conscience sake, but I’m doing those day by day. I am thoroughly experiencing the freedom that transparency and death-to-pride brings. God is blessing me. 

The faithfulness of my walk with God in the next year and the next decades depends on my willingness to stay current with God. Tto stay in a relationship with Him, is a paramount priority in my life, less I return to my past. I never want to lose the grip God has on my life and the amazing privilege it is to be in relationship with Him and to faithfully serve Him till the day I am welcomed into His presence. The last thing I want to do is crawl across the finish line a defeated, derailed Christian, or worse, give up the race before my life is over. I want to break that tape with arms high and my face to the sun and say with the apostle Paul, “I have finished the course; I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 3:7).

The “hole in our soul” into which we vainly throw the methods of our addictions and everything else imaginable into, can only be filled by Him. And when that happens, life truly begins. It was hard for me to say “No” to the bad, until I had first said “yes” to something better. Believe me Jesus Christ and the life He promises is so much “Better”. My goal today is to provide my children something “better” to which they can say yes. I hope my story helps. The challenge really belongs to you, and no one else. Only you can make these choices, and face the consequences of those choices. But with help, you can do it.

You know, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John aren’t the only versions of the Gospel that is available. Every Christian has his or her own version to tell. It is written in their own language, viewpoint and style—written by the very words we use and the very actions we display, on a daily basis. I wonder, what does the Gospel according to YOU say to those around you? Does it tell the story of Jesus? Does it share His love? Does it point to His gift of salvation? Does it agree with the other Gospels?

Or, does it neglect to tell the story of Jesus? Does it neglect to share His love with others? Is it quite about the gift of Salvation? Do the things your life says and does conflict with God’s Word in the Gospels and the rest of the Bible?

Our very lives are OUR version of the Gospel. In fact, for some people, we may be the only glimpse of Jesus that they ever see. Some people may never open the door of a church, but they will see our lives displayed at work. Some people may never hear a pastor share the Good News, but they can see and hear it lived out in our own actions. Some people will never read Matthew, Mark, Luke or John’s version of the Gospel….but they will read how the Gospel according to you or I appearing in our actions and words. So I wonder, what does the Gospel according to YOU say to those around you?
“It’s been said that Life is the best teacher; unfortunately it kills most of its pupils.”

The time God gives us is a precious gift; I gave most of mine to the wrong things in life. Your time is your own, please use it wisely. You may not pass this way again.
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