What Image do You Feel You have?

I am so honored to be with you each day sharing hope. The outreach has grown at a tremendous pace. There are over 50 new subscribers a day. The site just past 104,985 in followers. That’s because people are searching for hope and we provide it.

I have a new promotion. The person who is the 105,000 will win some nice prizes. We are only 15 away from the next goal . Some one, this week will be the winner. It goes very fast so don’t miss out.


Doug Bolton, the founder of Signs of Hope, is writing a new book, “Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.” It reaches out the military and veterans who may be battling anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, rejections, PTSD, and many other usual suspects. There are 22 military connected suicides every day. That is almost one every hour. We need to help stop those statistics. Be looking for more updates about the new book.


I mentioned in my last post that I would be sharing some endorsements for my new book, Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life. I am not doing this to flaunt my own self image. I am doing it to show you what might be in the book.

I am so honored to have these following endorsement for a book that will be reaching out to our veterans who may be suffering from PTSD, TBI, depression, being homeless, wounded, etc. I hope it gives them a better self image.


Many of my fellow veterans are suffering from wounds, mental anguish, and loneliness. This book is an ideal book to reach out and help veterans. It shares thoughts and ideas on how to cope in this not so friendly world. I personally know Doug Bolton the author, and I highly recommend this book.

George Woodruff
WWII and Korea veteran

Carollton, Georgia

Although ‘Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life’ wasn’t written for men only, it brings honesty and openness to veterans, and military personnel about feeling ok to express fears and emotional challenges in a difficult world.  US Army Retired Veteran, Mr. Douglas Bolton brings his personal stories to life in a way we all can relate to and gives a big “you’re ok” for revealing our shortcomings and encourages us to open up and talk.  A must read for those seeking healing and forgiveness from ourselves and those wanting a fresh look on life.

Steve Durgin, Founder & CEO with Victory For Veterans Foundation.

Huntington, Beach California



In the current conditions of our military, there is a need to find realistic affordable sources to reach out and help our veterans and current military. Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of life, is that source. Doug Bolton spends many chapters on showing the veterans and military ways to cope in this not so friendly world.  Sadly, he feels and knows of the pain from his volunteer service and sacrifices for our great country first hand. Being a seasoned registered nurse and a battlefield Air Force flight nurse, I have seen many young men and women coming home sick, injured wounded and highly depressed. This book is a must for many. I highly recommend this book without hesitation to all those who have served and currently serving.  I am also advocating for the loved ones and families to read this read, as well.

Colonel Dona Iversen

NYC, New York



Learn from the best, Douglas Bolton, U.S. Army Veteran who has written a great book for all veterans, active duty service members of all branches, military families, friends and non-veterans. It provides a thorough understanding, knowledge, and the real stories among those who have served and their families that complement today’s American Veterans.  Signs of Hope for the Military: In an Out of the Trenches of Life can make a big difference in today’s understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its effects.  As the daughter of Vietnam Marine Veteran that suffered all of his life with PTSD and then finally ended his own life, it will make a big difference in your life as you read the personal stories.  This author does a great job of creating a sense of urgency by calling it a “must-read,” and ends with a powerful “call to action” for the reader.

Bella L. Burroughs

Daughter of WWII Veteran


There are several more, which I will share in further posts. Again, I am so honored to have all these incredible people take time to say something about the book. It gives out a good image of what the reader might see.

If you are floundering and seeking hope. If you don’t feel your self worth is enough. If you feel you would rather stay in bed than face life. Has your image as you see it not been good? Know that God is with you. Know that He loves you. Know that He will hold your hand and see you through the day.


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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Never Feel you are Alone!

“Happiness comes more from loving than being loved; and often when our affection seems wounded it is only our vanity bleeding. To Love, and to be hurt often, and to love again-this is the brave and happy life.”

J.E. Buchrose

This quote reminds me that we can’t go hide in a cave so that we are never hurt or wounded in the heart. We must face the daily grind and receive what comes from it.

This may sound harsh, but I was hiding in that cave. I was much more miserable there than when I finally came out. At least the air was fresh and I could face a new day.

What cause us to get into such a depressed state that we go into a shell? Satan whispers in our ears that God really doesn’t love us. He tells us that we are all alone, and have no one to turn to. He keeps us floundering in the muck and mire, and until we either drown, or we wake up to the fact that we do have someone to turn to. We do have someone that loves us.

It is our heavenly Father.

Ok, I see that you are saying that your earthly father or mother treated you so bad that you are afraid to open your heart to any Father, heavenly or not. I can see that. I know your pain. I had not father in my life since I was about six years old. I missed out on the fun of having a dad see me play sports, and encourage me when I had a bad moment. But I survived and it is because I turned to my heavenly Father, who loves me more than anyone on earth can grasp.

God made us in His own image. If He has done that and He calls us His sons and daughters, don’t you think He wants the best for each and everyone of us? Of course He does.

He even went the extra mile, and sent a Son that he loved, even more than you and I, to die on this earth. He sent His Son to come down in the flesh just like you and me. Jesus was tempted. He knew pain. He cried. He laughed. He was hurt several times by His own disciples.

Yet he still came and He still walked that last long mile with whips tearing at His body, and people spitting on Him. He was hung on a cross and died for you and me.

Our God went that far to show you how much He loved us. He loves you very much. You always have someone to turn to if you feel alone. Don’t let Satan convince you otherwise!

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Dreams – Are You Settling or Pursuing

You’ve thought about it, talked about it, and done nothing about it. It’s time to get yourself up and get your life on track to follow your dream.

What is your dream? What would you love to do with your life if you had the time and resources? Travel? Volunteer work? A craft or hobby? We find time for the things we deem important to us..

What I mean by dream is your heart’s desire–what you truly want to do. Your dream may be to work in a certain profession, live in a particular place, or to find a relationship again. Or your dream might involve simple things: to have more time to work in your yard, spend more time with family or friends, or have time for walks or to read books. One thing for sure, if you remain where you are, your dream will probably not come to you, you have to pursue it. Like the fleeting rainbow after the storm. During trails in our life’s when can get so caught up talking about the storms we are weathering or the damage they have done, that we don’t see the rainbow that presents itself. Every person who comes into our life’s has the potential to help us realize our dreams, they are the answer we have been searching for. But most of us miss what’s right before our eyes, because we quit looking, and started settling, somewhere along the way we compromised and now we think it is our fate to be where we are. When in all reality we are where we are most of the time because of foolishness, or by giving up our dreams for someone else’s.

Remember back to when we were younger…a time when we had certain ideas as to what the future held for us…what we wanted, what we envisioned for our lives. There were things we loved to do as a child, imagined ourself doing as an adult. When we consider the goals we did not reach which were so important to us long ago do we come up with reasons we gave ourselves along the way for letting go of what we wanted? And for settling for what was available.

Sometimes our goals reflect youthful enthusiasm that is not necessarily grounded in reality. Life also has its way of changing our paths at times in ways that can improve our plans in unforeseen ways. In those cases, we continue to discover new things to plan for, using successful experiences as our motivation. If our plans don’t work out or we experience disappointments or losses along the way, sadness, hopelessness, or cynicism can take the place of enthusiasm for life. We can begin settling for less than we really want.

As scary as it can be to step out and try to grab hold of your dreams -You probably wonder at some level whether dreams are practical or just ridiculous- it beats remaining where you are if you not satisfied. You may not necessarily doubt the dream itself, but the uncertainty that comes with working towards it. You fear your limitations. You fear your weaknesses.

I realize my dreams are impractical. Of course they are; that’s what makes it a dream. Who cares? There are a thousand people that have the exact same dream as you, and only one is going to do anything about it. So, make sure that one person is you. There’s nothing scarier to me than never trying to live my dream and instead living a mediocre life in comfort and regret. So, if you want to make an impact and really live your dream, then today’s the easiest day to start.

Fear is an emotion that we all live with. To have success in any area you must learn what fear is and how to deal with it. Successful people have fear, but they know how to manage it better than most. When people make decisions to pursue what they really desire, fear is almost always there. Fear is often there because people are afraid of the pain that may come if they go for what they want. Fear is the brain’s natural response. God has made fear to keep you safe from danger. Fear is natural, but when it paralyzes you from making a decision or from living your dreams, it becomes detrimental.

If you have a dream that seems impossible because of lack of time or money take a careful look at how you can live more simply. So often the things we feel we must have or do are really not so necessary after all. It’s hard to let go of old ways overnight. Just begin to consider your activities and belongings, sorting out what you really need and what could go. Often many of these things are not what you really want to do or to own but what society seems to dictate. Gradually give up those things that hinder your goals leaving room to fulfill your dreams.

Have you ever noticed that most of us are constantly on a chase? We chase after many things, usually seeking the high that comes from a new object, a new feeling, a new emotion. If it’s shiny and new, we want it whether it’s a new gadget, a new buzz, a new love interest, or a new discovery. Ok, so what’s wrong with seeking out new things? Isn’t that fun? Shouldn’t we be able to have a little fun? Yes, of course. The problem is when you seek out new things compulsively in ways that actually keep you from living the life you really want. In my case the chase, is where the excitement laid whether I obtained what i was chasing after or not. It is one of the ironies of the lifestyle I was living.

Desiring “The Chase” is a good thing that naturally drives us forward in life. It compels us towards our goals, meeting a spouse, having a family, starting a business, creating things, and more. It becomes detrimental when we don’t apply forethought to our actions. Examples are overspending on things we don’t need, getting involved in affairs, abusing drugs, and wasting time seeking out new and complex methods or tools when we already have ones that are simple and that work. On the last example, I think it is important to explore new ideas, but we must constantly check ourselves to keep this in balance. Don’t get so caught up in the chase, that you don’t realize when your dream presents itself, and you end up letting it pass you by, or that you may already be living it.

“I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” If I could remove one saying from all human languages, this would be the one. These words mean giving up. They mean pushing your responsibility to someone else. Not taking responsibility for your own life. Reaching your dream doesn’t happen without setbacks. It takes patience. It takes work, it takes working through misunderstandings, it means communicating our needs and wants to someone else, it means making ourselves vulnerable. We should not keep placing our self in places or in relationships that are unhealthy to us spiritually, mentally or emotionally unhealthy. There comes a point when you realize that it just isn’t going to work, and you have to let go.

Sometimes your dreams are far away, but the only way you can move towards them is one step at a time.

Living your dream means facing your Self — finding out who you are why you are here — and then finding the courage to create your dream, no matter how many steps you have to take. Creating is often done by trial and error. When error occurs, we have to keep moving forward. By knowing your dream, you have a powerful motivator to make changes in your life.

When a fisherman catches a fish and sets it on the ground, it flops around–wasting energy and accomplishing nothing. If you don’t know what direction you want your life to move in, you may be doing the same thing! Stop floundering and start focusing.

It isn’t always easy, because I often have to struggle with myself and my old beliefs about what I deserve. But it is worth the effort of finding out and following my heart — no matter where it may lead and even if it means taking the risk of being hurt or disappointed. Not attempting and remaining where I am is even scarier at times. I know where I am today and what it has to offer, I have to ask myself “is this where I want to remain.” If so, then maybe you have grabbed hold of your dream, if not, then you need to start reaching once more.

Everything I’ve ever done has led up to this moment. And in this moment I am exactly where I need to be, and nowhere else in the world. And it is the same for you, today is the day to start letting go of the things that don’t add value to your life, and start pursuing once again. It will be painful and it will hurt, but years from now when you look back at what was, you will be thankful that you are no longer there. You’re at the brink of an adventure – no, THE adventure of your life. No matter what happened in the past, good or bad, it has all given way to put you where you are right now. The time is now and the choice is yours, settle for what is or pursue what your heart desires. It makes no difference to me what you choose, you’re the one that has to live your life.

It’s never too late. You dreams may include writing a novel, traveling somewhere exotic or finding your soul mate. Regardless of what it is, take that jump into the deep end of the pool and start paddling as fast as you can. You’ll find that if you follow your heart’s desires and you believe in yourself, it’s never too late to live your dreams.

Excerpt from : Hope in the Shadows by Michael Clark

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