Do You have a Heart Murmur?

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Doug Bolton, the founder of Signs of Hope, is writing a new book, “Signs of Hope for the Military: In and Out of the Trenches of Life.” It reaches out the military and veterans who may be battling anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, rejections, PTSD, and many other usual suspects. There are 22 military connected suicides every day. That is almost one every hour. We need to help stop those statistics. Be looking for more updates about the new book.


I am very excited to announce we have a new guest blogger. Michael Thorin is joining us each month on the third Sunday of each month. He has some inspiring thoughts and ideas to share. His first post is about PTSD, and how he found his way out of the fog of this world. 


Heart murmurs…


* are extra heart sounds caused by turbulent blood flow, sufficient enough to produce an audible noise, ranging from very faint to very loud.

* are due to functions and activities of life or of living matter (physiologic conditions) outside the heart.

* are a treatable and preventable condition. If not serious, medication will improve the condition. If more serious, surgery may be in order.


But what if it is spiritual rather than physical? Are those heart sounds, from faint to loud, due to conditions outside the heart?


Israel had this heart problem. What was it? Murmuring and complaining. And God was grieved and disgusted with this whiny bunch.


God once said to Moses and Aaron, “How long will this evil congregation murmur against Me? I have heard the complaints the Israelites murmur against Me.” (Num. 14:27 Amp)


What were the outside conditions that caused their murmuring? They deplored their situation. Israel “grew impatient along the way, and they began to murmur against God and Moses. ‘Why have you brought us out of Egypt to die here in the wilderness?’ they complained. ‘There is nothing to eat here and nothing to drink. And we hate this wretched manna!’” (Num. 21:4-5 NLT)


David said that “they despised the pleasant land, having no faith in His promise. They murmured in their tents, and did not obey the voice of the LORD.” (Ps. 106:24-25 ESV)


The results of too much whine? The book of Numbers should be a red-flag warning to all of us. Because of their murmuring and complaining, God implemented numerous forms of punishment, among them…


1) fire

2) plagues

3) fiery serpents

4) death for the entire congregation except for Joshua, Caleb, and those under the age of twenty.


God chastised Israel, saying to them, “Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness of [mind and] heart [in gratitude] for the abundance of all [with which He had blessed you], therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord shall send against you, in hunger and thirst, in nakedness and in want of all things.” (Deut. 28:47-48a Amp)


That was the Old Testament, you say. But has God changed?


The English translation of The Received Greek Text says in 1 Corinthians 10:9-11a, as Paul exhorts, “Neither overtempt Christ, as some of them tempted, and perished by serpents. Neither should you murmur, as also some of them murmured, and perished by the destroyer. And all these things happened to those as examples, and it was written for our warning.”


All these things happened as object lessons for us – to warn us against whining, complaining, and not being grateful because of life’s adverse circumstances – that we might not receive God’s discipline. He may use different methods today, but His righteous anger has not changed.


Is a murmuring heart a treatable and preventable condition? Yes! To maintain spiritual health, we replace the whining that destroys the proper functioning of the heart with the remedy of praise and thanksgiving. However, if we do not work on our heart condition, God certainly will, using His own special type of surgery.


If Proverbs tells us, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life” (Prov. 4:23 NLT), and Jesus said, “Whatever is in the heart overflows into speech” (Luke 6:45 TLB), then we need to heed those words, for “He who watches over his mouth guards his life.” (Prov. 13:3 Lynn’s Version)


All Israel had to do was step through the portal of thanksgiving, but their murmuring, disobedience, and impatience slammed the gate shut, barricading the entrance to God’s promise. For forty years, they lived next door to that land of milk and honey, but almost all of them never lived to set foot on it.


The wilderness takes its victims while they are yet wandering in their complaints. To live in the Land of Promise, you must step out of the wilderness of murmuring.


Does your heart pour out too much whine or pulsate with praise and thanksgiving?


~Lord, my prayer is this, “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” (Ps. 19:14 NLT)~


Blessings, Lynn


Heart murmurs come in many forms. What kind do you have?  


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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Is Israel Going to be Destroyed? Not so Fast!

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At my Church Morning Star Community Church, last Sunday, Pastor Scott Nelson gave a wonderful sermon on Israel that helped me understand Israel and their plight much better.

Israel has many surrounding nations trying to put a dagger into its heart. Iran is building nuclear devices; Lebanon and Israel had a short war. The Palestinians are shooting rockets into Israel daily. Many of the Mid -East countries would rather see Israel wiped off of the map.

Is Israel going to be destroyed?

Zechariah, who was a prophet 500 years before Christ has some other thoughts on that.

Zechariah 12: 2-3 says: “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth gather against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to remove it will injure itself.”

An immovable rock. Think about that. A huge rock is very heavy, and has sharp edges. To try to pick it up and move it will cause many cuts and bruises. Israel is that immovable rock that Zechariah is prophesying about.

The people of Israel cling to the hope of:

  • The power of God to accomplish His purposes.
  • The promise of God to protect His people.
  • The promise of God who will pour out His spirit on Israel.

Israel and the Jewish people who now live there have been persecuted for many years. We must not forget the deaths of over 6 million Jews during the holocaust. They were persecuted way back in the time of Moses. God saved then then and He will in our current time.

Why on earth do nations rage against God’s people, which includes you and me? In my opinion, they are self-centered; will fight anything that takes their personal freedoms away. They don’t want to give up anything. They don’t want someone else in charge. They fear their identity will disappear.

This , I can “wing it,” attitude hasn’t worked for centuries. How well did Saddam Hussein do?How about the leader if Libya? These are strong examples of people who were very self-centered, and Dr. Phil would say… “How did that work for them?”

We, as Christians know the history of God’s people in Israel. We know that even though they had their down times with faith and obedience, they are still God’s People. God will protect them through any storms and trials they face in the future.


You are not alone.

You are not unloved.

You are not forsaken.

Above all…never, ever, give up!


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God Created me in the Past for a Purpose in the Future

People have always wanted to know the future. When God doesn’t seem to give them what they want, they go to seers, astrologers, or have their palms read. 

“If only I would have known I was going to lose my job, I wouldn’t have bought my house,” is what many people in this economy are saying. If only they could see the future!

Bottom line? If people would trust the true God, they could look to the future with courage and confidence. Not because they see everything that is about to happen, or that they can control it, but because God always makes the right choices for everyone of them under His rule.

Things in the world don’t seem to be making any sense. Why are there vicious rulers terrorizing their own people in so many countries. Why does God allow that to happen? It is because He allows us choices. He allows us to turn our back on Him if we so choose.

He also chooses certain leaders to fulfill His purposes.

In Isaiah Chapters 41-45, God chose Cyrus, a pagan king,  to conquer all the enemies of Israel and he even helped them rebuild the temple.

This man wasn’t even a believer at the time. He didn’t even follow God personally, but God used him to wipe out several of the enemy countries, and send the Israelites back to their own country. God did this to bring back His own glory.

Now we see all the battles in the Arab countries. Turmoil, and rioting are happening in several of the countries, and dictators are being thrown out. Gods Plan? Yes, but we may not know the reasoning for many years.

Think on this:

  • You don’t need to worry about the future if you follow God.
  • God has created you in the past, for a purpose in the future.
  • God is the LORD of your life, if you want Him to be or not.
  • When you trust God to be the Lord of your life, others will see God in your life.

Remember: God always work things to the good for those who believe in Him. It may not be what you and I had in mind, but what ever it is, God wanted us to do His will.

Yes, we face deep suffering, and pain. Yes, walls come in front of us that seem too high to climb over. Yes, the storms rage.

But, God is in charge, and I have faced many storms, and suffered much pain, but as I look back I find that each and every suffering that I went through was for the glory of God, and they made me stronger, and even a better witness.

Always know that it is darkest just before the dawn. Tomorrow is near and it is a new day.

When the final day comes, and we are before the LORD will you be bowing before Him as your Savior, or will you be bowing before Him as your judge? Which will it be?

All you have to do to make sure is, confess all those sins you have had, and turn them over to God. You will then be bowing before Him as your Savior. A very happy ending to your life story.

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Why do we deserve More Than the Man Begging on the Corner?

Do you expect your do rights? What are your do rights? What do you deserve over others? Why do we deserve anymore than the man standing on the corner begging for enough money to buy his next meal?

I was driving down a street and at the light there was a man with a cardboard sign begging for food. He looked like he hadn’t bathed in weeks, and he had sores on his face and arms.

I drove in by him.

After I had driven for a short distance, I wondered why I didn’t reach out and give the man a buck. Who am I to stick my nose up at him?

 I thought of the moment I first saw him. I realized I felt disgusted for him. He was so dirty and badly dressed I bet he smelled beyond description. I also thought that he probably would use the money to buy another bottle of wine.

I then felt very ashamed. What right did I have to shun this man? How did I know that God hadn’t planted this man to teach people to help others in need?

Now when I see a man or woman standing on the corner, I give what ever change I have to them. Even if they are going to use it for something that may not be food, it is not for me to turn my back on them. It brightens up their day for a couple of seconds, and they usually say, “God bless you!”

I can use all the blessings I can, and I get one every time I reach out to them.

How about you? When you see those beggars on the corner, what do you do?

God loves the poor just as much as he does others. Actually there are hundreds of scriptures that say the poor are special to God.

Think on this:

  • The disciples all left their jobs and followed Jesus. They would be considered poor. They only ate when people provided them with food where ever they went.
  • Paul certainly wasn’t a rich man. He was before he was converted to Christ. He left all the glory and money behind, and walked through several countries preaching the gospel. He also had to count on people to provide food and shelter for him.
  • What about John the Baptist? He lived in the wilderness, and ate locust. He didn’t have a dime to his name.

There are many stories in the Bible of people that lived from day to day seeking enough to survive. How did they do it? They prayed to God for the food, and He provided it.

The biggest example is when the Israelites wandered the desert for forty  years. God had food waiting for them each day when they got up. Manna wasn’t exactly a steak, but it kept them alive for all that time.

He also provided quail, and other food.  

If you are feeling like you aren’t sure where your next meal is coming from, ask God to open doors for you. He did it for the people of Israel, and He can do it for you.


I want to put in a plug here for our next guest blogger, who will be posted tomorrow night.

Her name is Cleo Roberts, and this will be her first blog. I have read her blog, and it is something I think you will want to read. It talks about having hope when things seem very dark.

She will be using Isaiah 40:31 as her verse. “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint.”

It will be posted on Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time , and be up on the site all day Monday. Hope you will check it out. Leave a comment for her if you like it.

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