How Do You Measure A Mom?

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How Do You Measure a Mom?

Measure defined means a unit or standard of measurement; the extent, dimensions, quantity, of something; any standard of comparison, estimation, or judgment; and so on. Some of the synonyms are model, example, scope, portion, scale, test, pattern, and gauge.

So, taking that into consideration, how do you measure a mother?

*by how tall she is?

*by the size of her brain?

*by the size of her gloves?

*by the size of her shoes?

Well, yes and no. As Christians, we usually use the ideal woman (or wife) description in Proverbs 31 as the standard of measurement. Her worth being far above rubies, so it says. In addition, verses 28-29 tell us:

Her children stand and bless her; so does her husband. He praises her with these words: “There are many fine women in the world, but you are the best of them all!” (TLB)

But how do you measure that?

*By their love for her in the eyes of her family, you can measure how tall she is.

*By the scope of her thoughts, words, and prayers, you can measure the size of her brain.

*By the extent of her giving and doing for her children, you can measure the size of her gloves.

*By where and how she walks, you can measure the size of her shoes.

I guess if we went by that, a valuable mom would then be very tall, have a very large head, and have large hands and feet. Well, I know that sounds silly. But not if you apply it spiritually.

I love this quote: “The measure of a woman’s character is not what she gets from her ancestors, but what she leaves her descendants.” ~ unknown

As a mother, how large am I, spiritually that is? How do I measure up to all this? How do I leave my daughter and my sons those values and character that I desire them to have? How do I make my husband and family proud of me and not bring shame to them? How am I an example to others?

To be and do all that is necessary, my life must mirror one pattern, one example, one standard…Jesus!

Other than the character traits of Proverbs 31, Paul listed several other traits in his letter to Titus.

The older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things—that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed. (Titus 2:3-5 NKJV)

All this, plus grace, strength, and faith, was passed on to me by my mother and my grandmother…so what am I leaving to my children? How do they see me? How do others see me? How am I being measured?

Not all mothers can stand the scrutiny of the ideal mother description. Not every mother will be “the best of them all.” Many come from backgrounds that did not supply the best conditions for learning to be a great mom. Others lack the communication skills to relate properly with their children. Therefore, trusting in the Lord becomes essential.

Proverbs 31 is the survey for which every mother should self-analyze herself. Is she following the Lord in all she does? We all as mothers fall short. However, having the desire in a mother’s heart to show love and care to her children is the beginning.

If you are a mother reading this, what are you passing on to your children? How do others measure you?

Mother’s Day blessings…


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The Recipe Box

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Lynn Mosher is back with yet another great post for you. It is very fitting for Mother’s Day.


The Recipe Box

There it sits. Forgotten. Up on the top shelf of the old, pine hutch in my kitchen. The patina on the wood mellowing more with each passing year. I have no idea how old it is. It isn’t marked. It’s just old.

It belonged to my mother. Mom left this earth to be with my dad in 2008. Two days later, she was buried on her 84th birthday. She so missed my dad.

Thumbing through the contents is like going on a treasure hunt. Recipes from Mom’s friends. Recipes in Mom’s handwriting and others dotted with her comments as she put her own spin on them. I guess that’s where I learned it.

One recipe from a friend is for Ozzie Nelson’s cheesecake. If you don’t know who Ozzie is, you’re waaaaay younger than I am! {wink}

There are recipes from magazines and newspapers. One handwritten recipe from me for yummy butter icing. I don’t even remember ever making it.

Though not written down in her recipe box, Mom had recipes for all of life, even though she probably wouldn’t have known that she did. I knew. And so did my two sisters and my brother.

Her recipe for priorities has always been spot on…

* First, God.
* Next, husband.
* Then, children.

Mom’s spiritual recipe: her two favorite verses she quoted so often…

* “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13 NKJV)
* “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:19 NKJV)

And Mom’s recipes for life? She always…

* exhibited a loving, giving relationship with my dad. I don’t remember them ever arguing. I do remember Mom rolling her eyes on occasion.

* presented herself as a true lady. A true godly lady. And everyone called her that. She was well respected.

* loved to teach the very young in Sunday School. They all loved her and never missed a chance to see her at church when they grew older and came back for a visit. And for a hug.

* had open arms and a ready hug for everyone.

Mom’s recipe for afternoons? Tea and a little something to go with it! She loved her tea. Sometimes, I would go in the afternoon and share a cup of tea with her. Sad to say, I wish I had done it more often.

Her recipe for being silly? She loved to chew not-yet-brewed ground coffee. When I was young, Mom would sometimes take a taste of coffee grounds as she fixed a pot of coffee for dinner. Invariably, someone knocked on the door and she would have to smile with grounds stuck in her teeth!

And whenever she cooked potatoes for dinner, she always cut off a chunk, salted it, and gave it to me to eat. Gosh, I haven’t done that in years!

Her recipe for secret giving? Not really all that secret. She loved to save her change, especially quarters and even dollar bills. When she had saved a good chunk, she blessed one of her children or grandchildren with her savings.

Mom’s recipe for friendship? Loving her friends. She had tons of friends, friends from church and several groups. Everyone loved her back.

Her recipe for herself? She wrote tons of notes to herself. Bible verses. Thoughts. Notes from sermons. Anything that would help her grow spiritually.

Maybe all Mom’s recipes aren’t be found in her recipe box, but they are found in my heart.

So, do you have any sort of recipes from your mom?

From His feet, Lynn

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What Importance do we place on the Women in Our Lives?

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. What importance do we place on having the women we love in our life?

First they are  mothers who cared for us when we were born until we left the nest, and still stand beside us through the trials and adversity.

They are our cool fresh water when we are under fire. They hold us up during the storms.

When I was a young man I took my family to California to seek an income that would properly provide for them.

I found that income, and we were doing well. I was rising up in the ranks at Safeway from a clerk to the third man in charge of the store. My future was great. I was on in my late twenties, and probably would be a store manger within the next five years. A dream job with a very comfortable income.

I was in California for eight years. Towards the end of those eight years, I felt my real home calling me back to my roots.

I had not only wandered away from my close family and friends, but also the place where all my positive memories were formed.  

My mother cried when we moved to California. She knew she would miss seeing her grandchildren grow. I thought about that towards the end of my time in California. What was more important, having a dream job with lots of income, or spending time with family and friends back home?

I left California and came back to my home town. I have lived here ever since.

My mother is still alive at 94 years of age, and she is not only loving her three grandchildren, but 7 great grandchildren as well.

I went back to College. I got my degree in education, and taught for 22 years.

I  had a very rewarding career, but not the limelight, and income I had in California. I have to tell you… I couldn’t be happier!

Having my mother near me has been very special. She isn’t as strong as she nce was, and forgets things quite often, but I love her very much for the values, and strengths she has taught me through the years.

Today is also a very special day for my wife and I. It is our anniversary. We had a low keyed night of going out to dinner to our favorite Italian restaurant. We did that, because a year ago today we were in Venice, riding on a Gondola, and having songs sung to us by a wonderful vocalist, who was backed by a very good accordion player. The dinner brought that memory back to us.

Charlotte has been my bride for 23 years, and it truly seems like yesterday that we started on our journey together. Our love grows each year, and we build on the foundation we laid by caring for each other in a loving way.

Yes, the women in our lives will enjoy a very special day tomorrow. What will you do to show them how much you appreciate them? Think of something that will be a lasting memory for them.

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